This week, our manager Wendy is on holiday having a well earned rest. There is always that feeling when Wendy is away what may happen!! Our team was all geared up and alert as Monday dawned. It was very quiet in the morning and we were all just getting into cruise control when the doorbell rang and a gentleman from Health and Safety was there to inspect our kitchen! It was just a short time before lunch was going to be served. We have been awarded 5 stars, the highest mark, at our last visit. This was a slightly different visit as we are following voluntarily at the moment a scheme from the Foods Standards Agency. This will be compulsory in time. Anyway a nervous time as he looked round and checked various things and went through the diary you have to keep with Teresa, our cook. He said the most amazing things about our kitchen and the very high standard we have. We were all overjoyed and breathed a sigh of relief.

We have a lovely kitchen which is a delight to work in and we are very grateful to ABC awards (South Yorkshire Police Authority) and Sheffield Town Trust for contributing to the cost of installing our kitchen.

This morning a client came in early to cook today’s lunch of Beef Curry. He has painstakingly fried off all the varying spices and spent a lot of time going through every process. The centre smells amazing and we all can’t wait until lunch time. The client too has spent an enjoyable and very fulfilling morning cooking, and will receive some lovely comments later of appreciation from other clients when they eat it, as curry is one of their favorites.


We have had a problem with our water supply this week and as we are not allowed to open the centre if there isn’t any water we have had a few nail-biting moments. Again our lovely caretaker Paul was on the case and we have managed to keep open.

We realize all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make the Centre run well. We also appreciate that when Wendy or another member of staff goes away that we can run like a well oiled machine because of all the hard work……well almost!!