Today was a bit of a breakthrough with one of our clients. He has been using our centre for a good number of years, and has been drinking for a good proportion of his life. We have made very little progress with him as he is older and his patterns in his life are well established. To be honest I don’t think that he doesn’t want to change, but I think that he feels there is no way that he can. We have tried various ways to engage with him and apart from an avid crossword fan he has tended to use our centre mainly to eat. We suggested that he may like to come in earlier in the day and bake some scones. He agreed to do this and came in half an earlier than we had agreed. We had a lovely hour baking some scones and some love reminiscences too. Cooking does seem to evoke childhood memories. The scones were a resounding success and the smells in the centre were divine. After lunch we served the scones with cream and jam and the compliments were coming thick and fast and our client was very pleased.blogg-george.jpg

Baking the scones wasn’t anything that revolutionary but he now is talking about what he can cook next. It also was a tiny step taken in altering the pattern of his daily routine. It raised his self-esteem and confidence and gave him some real pleasure. He achieved something today and we all benefited from it too. Yes a small step, but we know every journey starts with that first step.