Yesterday was a lovely day in the Project. We so needed to have a good day after the fall-out from St. Patrick’s Day!Wendy started the girls off on making Easter eggs, soon to be joined by a male client. They had great fun making them and they are in the fridge waiting to be turned out. We are hoping that they will turn out well and not break! We have a new volunteer, Mary, who is coming in twice a week to encourage the clients in art. One of our youngest clients, and fairly new too, who has not really engaged much, spent most of the morning drawing and painting. Clients love to see other clients getting involved as it then gives them permission to do the same. A steady flow of people was joining Mary and being encouraged to try something new. One of our girls came in early to make rice pudding and after our main course she eagerly gave us her pudding. It was truly delicious and there was some lovely banter going on with another of our more experienced cooks to who was the better cook! He is coming in tomorrow to make a carrot cake to accompany the Easter meal we have planned. Wendy was replacing the photographs we have on the wall documenting all the different activities our clients have been involved in. They love to look at them and look at themselves. It gives them a real sense of belonging. It also is a lovely reminder of what is being achieved here at Ben's. We are approaching Easter and we will be closing the project on Thursday night for 10 days. We have been very short staffed and this way means that we can have our annual leave with the least disruption to the service we provide. We would like to wish you all a peaceful Easter and normal service will resume on Monday 31st March!