Normal service has resumed! The clients came back yesterday and it was as if we had had no break at all. It felt just like we had never been away.We had a lovely first day. One of our clients in the break had had a birthday. He was 60! He thanked us for his one and only card which we had sent him. We gave him a cake and we sang to him and took our usual obligatory photographs. We have a very silly birthday hat which we all wear on our birthdays. Wendy planted courgettes and chilies and sweet peas seeds with another client which made us all feel spring was on the way. We had ended before our break having a lovely meal together which Wendy had cooked. We had put all the tables together and put flowers out. It looked special. Easter eggs were given out, and to the girls a cuddly Easter bunny. We sat down to eat as one family. The meal was delicious, followed by carrot cake made by one of our clients. The Easter eggs they had made turned out, which was a relief, and were really good.  When it was time to go hopefully they left feeling they were cared for and loved, which they are. We never like closing and when we re-open it’s always a relief for the clients to get back into their routine. Many will not have had any conversations or contact with anyone while we are closed. For them it is a very lonely existence. Today we are truly back. Clients have been their lovely demanding selves, noisy and very argumentative. Normal service is definitely resumed!