I guess most of us were surprised to see the snow this weekend. Anyone venturing out would feel the drop in temperature, and be relieved to go back to warm homes and probably bump the heating up too! Most of us can go into our wardrobes or drawers too and find another layer of clothing to put on and feel snug.It did look very pretty and inviting when it was snowing quite heavily. I guess you may know where this is leading. I know too, I have written about the effects of the weather on our clients who rough sleep before. When we open today, for a lot it will have been a bitterly cold miserable weekend. Often the only clothes they have are the ones that they are wearing and as it has been milder lately, these will not be that adequate for the Arctic winds we encountered on Saturday evening and Sunday. It’s good to know that today we can provide hot food and drink in Ben’s. We can also give out warm and dry clothing to whoever needs it. It’s tough out there and hopefully we can restore a little of the struggle of the weekend in their lives and give them what is needed until they have to return again to the streets and whatever our weather will throw at them!