Below are some of the client’s comments about our Centre. Most of them are unabridged! “Good for me.”

“I come in for a good game of pool. When I’ve really needed clothing I have always been given some lovely stuff. The staff has helped me a lot, especially when I’ve been in trouble. They listen to you. When I was homeless or in hospital they care a lot for you.

“Ben’s is a basis of support for me. Somewhere to go. It’s often the only other contact I have other than the cashier at Waitrose.”

“Home from home. Sometimes I grumble about the staff and Bens but I love it here. I can chat to people and listen to music. It’s comfortable. I hate it when it is closed as I am then on my own all day with no one to talk too. I know I am a ******* nuisance but without it I’d be lost.”

Place is really lovely, staff, everything. Amazing meals. Can’t cook so appreciate meal very much.”

“Can’t fault it. Says it all! Love it and you!”

“Quite good. You help people.”

“Keeps me nourished. Passes day on especially when I’m not drinking. Don’t cook so the meal is lovely to have.”

Like coming here. I walk down every day. I like the company and mixing with friends. I have a game of pool. I really enjoy the food, and Teresa is a very good cook. I do lots of life-skills such as Arts and Crafts, cooking. I also do ladies things like having my hair and nails done. The staff are the best!”

“Good Centre. Helps people out.”

Too soft hearted. You shouldn’t take the meals to the tables! You are brilliant but too soft!

“Great place for street drinkers. Don’t feel like an out-cast when I come in. Treat you all the same.”