We have been writing the blog now for a while. It was a complete step into the dark for us having never done one before. We would love to get some feed-back from you out there who read it! We want to write something that shows the work of the Centre and is interesting, but unfortunately we don’t know whether we are achieving this without any feed-back.May we ask that those of you who read our blog faithfully every week, and even those who dip in occasionally, would you please find time to tell us what you think. It would be good if you could ask some questions too. As we are complete novices at this venture this would be so helpful for us. You may not be aware that we are bound to confidentiality with our clients and we have to ask them to share anything with you. Most think a blog is something you get when somebody has upset you! We are trying to show our clients what we do and the reasons behind the blog. This is taking time. We don’t mind any criticism as we want our blog to show the work of the Centre and yet be enjoyable, informative, funny, sad, and truthful and much more. All these things make up the rich tapestry of our life here at Ben's. We eagerly await your questions and comments.