It is quite difficult to see progress sometimes with our clients. The other day we had a good reality check to this progress.We had our annual Fire Drill with full evacuation of the premises. In the past these have been a bit of a nightmare. As you may be able to imagine getting intoxicated clients out of the building is difficult. More difficult is getting the clients too assemble at the assembly point to do a head count! In the past some have decided to wander off and have a smoke or even just disappear. Wendy has been on a Fire Marshal course and has to make sure the building is cleared. She has a special jacket for this, a very bright yellow. We all rag her relentlessly about it. When she is outside with it on you see how useful it is especially for our clients. Anyway the said fire alarm went off and we managed to get everyone out in 3minutes which was very good. Our crowning glory was that they all went to the assembly point and patiently waited until we were given the all-clear to go back into the building. It was only later when we were talking as a staff team that we realized that our lovely clients had made enormous progress. Not one grumble was heard and appreciation was said to being allowed to go back into our warm building and hot drinks. In most peoples eyes this would not have seen a big deal but to us it was and we were very proud of everyone. Wendy gets to put her jacket away for another year…oh dear!

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