My house is very close to some traffic lights. We have lived there for a good number of years and I have seen a definite change in people’s attitude waiting for the lights to change. If a vehicle gives the slightest hints at a hesitation to go when the lights change you hear someone pip their horn! This used to be an occasional thing but now it seems the ‘norm’.We live in an age of instant, instant access to the internet, coffee, and fast food. There is no end to what we can access today without waiting. It seems to permeate through into every strand of life. People seem to be conditioned to expecting instant results.

At Ben's we are working with our clients where very very rarely do we see instant results.  We are here for the long-haul and have to remind ourselves often that we are, seeing any change takes time. We don’t have many trophies in our cabinet! What we have is a lovely Centre where clients are allowed to fail and through these failures grow. We don’t set our clients up to fail by expecting instant results. Also we have to show that ‘instant’ isn’t the way to go. We take slow steps, often faltering, often they seem to be more backwards than forwards, but there is movement. In that movement we see clients willing to look at their lives and face some of the deeper issues that cause some of the difficulties. Also to keep going when there does not seem to be any instant gratification or answer. We all know ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ but sometimes we fall into the thinking that it was! We are not into building empires just building slowly step by step good foundations in our client’s lives.