It’s really hard sometimes working at Ben’s Centre. One of the hardships that as a staff we have to suffer is having to eat the client’s food which they have cooked! We need to point out that we do this purely to encourage the client in their endeavors.Lately we have had to suffer Strawberry and Raspberry Pavlova, Mississippi Mud Pie, a divine chocolate cake and a carrot cake to die for! Home-made pizza which left Domino's standing and strawberry trifle that left you drooling at the mouth. Yesterday we had home-made flakey pastry covering a steak and mushroom pie, even our Grandmothers couldn’t compete. We do allow the client’s to eat these we may add, although we are never too pleased when they have second helpings. We often have to have second helpings to check quality control and again to reassure the client that the food is ok! All this delicious food is the work of one gentleman who has faithfully come in to cook and learn week by week. As the photograph shows they are absolutely amazing and the standard just seems to go up and up. Unfortunately we still have to keep sampling the food, but hey that’s life…at Ben's!