This week has been one of those weeks that have been so hard for our manager Wendy. Wendy has had to get two major pieces of monitoring completed and sent off to our Funders. It is very much a behind the scenes activity and it takes so many hours to get together all the information that they need. However well organized you are, and Wendy is extremely well organized, it takes a lot of time to write down and produce the evidence that is needed. There are many questions to answer and these are each like a report in themselves. Then there are the columns of figures, financial and monitoring. These are to support and show all that is being achieved in the centre.Of course running alongside all this is the centre. It is still open for business, and presenting all the usual ups and downs! We are short staffed too at the moment and so it all adds to the fun! Today has been a day when without our amazing volunteers we would not manage. We have all had to pull together as a team and keep everything running smoothly. And it has. Wendy is now into the home-run and is bringing the loose ends together. Even the endless cups of tea aren’t really cutting it anymore. When it’s all in the envelope she will be able to collapse….or relax I mean! That is until the next time!!