Most people have people in their life that have supported them in some way. This may often be in the beginning our parents. Often though for many this has not been the case and support has had to come from other sources. Somewhere though there probably has been someone who has supported us. They may be still around or were there for a specific time.In the dictionary the word support means; keep from falling, bear weight, sustain financially, give active help and encouragement, be in favour of, be present and give encouragement, give assistance or comfort, provide technical support, corroborate, play small role alongside, tolerate. Looking at those descriptions we all probably can think of a time when we have received support of this kind. Our client’s chaotic lives often mean that any supports they have had in place are often very much a thing of the past. Often it has been the very lack of any support and nurture that has started the downward spiral and taken them to seek a way out of the pain and misery. We also must be aware that the wrong kind of support, or support in place too long can have a detrimental effect. Think of a stake that is placed in the ground alongside a young tree or plant and is never removed. That very stake becomes a thing to hold the growth back and stops it reaching its potential and eventually may even die! We give support at Bens. We always try to see that this support is enabling and empowering not something that de-skills or takes responsibility away from our clients. Unfortunately we are often all the support that is available and accessible to clients that are intoxicated. We all need support in our lives. Could we today be support to someone offering that encouraging word or just being more tolerant may be all that is needed.