We feel very sad in the project as we have had to say good-bye to Phil one of our volunteers. Phil was a dream volunteer. He was at university and he gave us a day a week for a year. He is now going to Australia to pursue his studies. Why was Phil such an amazing volunteer? He came in consistently every week. This is such a vital part of being a volunteer as it allows the staff and clients to get to know them and also for the volunteer to get to know us too.Phil came in and was so willing to learn. He appreciated the boundaries that were in place, and why and quietly worked within these. Phil became a much better pool player while with us and had to endure a lot of stick about his playing at times. He had a really wicked sense of humour too which is a real bonus. His willingness to do any job too was such a help to us all.

When the Marathon was being run in Sheffield Phil ran it for Ben's Centre and raised an incredible amount of £240! He had to work so hard to do this for us and he hobbled into Ben's the following day very stiff. Being Phil he made no fuss about this at all and just got on with the usual stuff. We shall miss him so much. He was quite some thing to look at and a few of our clients will be very disappointed to know that they will not be able to flutter their eyes at him anymore. We have thanked him for all he has given to Ben's in so many ways. We shall miss you greatly Phil and are so grateful for you and your willingness to give so unstintingly. We know you will have an amazing time in Australia and we cannot wait to hear all about it and to see you again when you return for your fourth year.