We have a delightful client who is very musical. He plays a various number of instruments and is enthusiastic about any of them. Wendy did one of her amazing shops and found a drum-kit, the electronic kind, at a knock-down price. Our client was delighted and has spent many a happy hour strumming away in our medical room! This is not that his playing isn’t good, as it is, but because there is only so much you can listen too before it begins to get inside your head! Even when he plays on silent the sticks bang constantly away. The medical room is ideal as its upstairs and it sounds better from a distance. It also stops some unhelpful comments from other clients too!On Friday we have a new volunteer called Danny who also loves music and on Friday they went up together to make music. Danny played guitar and was accompanied with very skillful drum playing. At this point our client hadn’t had his lunch and Wendy had to keep him to a time to come down and eat it as he was enjoying himself so much. Both Danny, the volunteer, and our client had such a blast together. They came down smiling and laughing away and as our photographs show our client was totally engaged and lost himself in the music a hour or so. It was such a positive session and has wetted the appetites of both client and volunteer for more. Our client went home feeling as though he had achieved something worth while, which indeed he had, and Danny too left feeling the same.