On Saturday Bens Centre had a stall at ‘Peace in the Park’, as we were one of the charities that the event supported. It was a really lovely day full of fun and colour. Bens had a Tombola stall and it was very busy and so many people supported it. The weather was good too for most of the day which added to the occasion.From time to time we were able to share about the work we do at Bens Centre. Working with Street Drinkers we find that we don’t get a lot of good attention and it was so lovely to know we were not forgotten and a lot of people really cared and were interested in the work we do. We heard some excellent music and tasted some scrumptious food and met so many lovely people that it was a joy for Bens Centre to be represented at the event. Thank you to the many people that were gave so generously to Bens Centre and the other two charities. We so appreciated your kindness and willingness to help us to keep going in the work we are doing at the Centre.