We are the very grateful recipients of a scheme Streetsmart 2007, that has taken place in Sheffield,this was the initiative of SAVE. SAVE stands for, Sheffield Agencies for the Vulnerable and Excluded. Restaurants were asked if they would take part in a scheme where when people went for a meal in the month proceeding Christmas they were asked when paying their bill if they would be willing to contribute a pound to Charities working with the Homeless.  Only one restaurant signed up for this and unbelievably it was the very prestigious ‘Nonna’s’, on Ecclesall Road. We were amazed to find that we received a cheque for £1,500! £1250 collected from Nonna’s customers and £250 from Streetsmart it’s self. We are going to use this money towards our food expenditure costs for our client’s hot lunch. As everyone knows food costs are rising rapidly and so this will be such a help to us. We do not charge clients for any of our services including the food we serve. We believe it is important that we offer individuals a nutritious meal that they can have access to. It is a harm minimization tool, our aim is to try and counter some of the harm that drinkers do to themselves via their alcoholism by prioritizing at least one healthy meal on the days we open. We also offer smoothies, which client’s love they can choose fruits which they then use a smoothie maker to provide themselves with a healthy option to drink.A BIG thank you to Nonna’s, Streetsmart and to SAVE too that was so willing to remember us and give us such a wonderful cheque. It will cover our food bills for the next four months; probably not too quite the high standard of Nonna’s but definitely a close second!