There is a rhythm to life at Ben’s. Sometimes events take place that take you out of that rhythm for a while but then you find that everything goes back to the basic beat. It is sometimes difficult to evaluate all that is going on at times as there are many components to this rhythm.  Each client is part of the richness and lovely diversity of Bens and the rhythm.We welcome new clients and it takes them a while to catch all that is going on but then, if they decide to stay a while, it’s like you see them tapping their feet in time to a tune they like and the clients begin to feel the comfort and the life that is being offered them here. Others clients don’t want any movement at the time and prefer to go it alone for a while and stay in the place where they are. This is fine and we often find that at a later date these clients will re-engage with us and enjoy more what is on offer here, Older clients often raise an eyebrow…or two, when a more challenging rhythm is offered to them. They like the old one and can’t understand why they are being asked to try new things. Usually not long after clients act as if it were their idea anyway and love the confidence and freedom their new found skill gives. After a day closed yesterday all the clients coming in are so desperate to get back to what most would describe as routine but here at Bens we call the rhythm of life and it has really rocked in here today…in a good way!!