We have a new cook on the block! A new client has been in the kitchen now for three Fridays and he is a vegetarian. We have had three amazing meals and not one complaint that there has been an absence of meat. The client is a really very good cook and has brought a lovely freshness into the kitchen and also has shown our other clients that vegetarian food can be equally as tasty and interesting and nutritional as food with meat. You can see the yummy food in the photos.

Our garden is coming a long at a pace with all the warm weather and rain. We were able to taste the first fruits of it today for lunch. We had our own grown lettuce and it was so lovely and fresh. The fact that the clients had grown it from seed was really good for them to see and also too eat fresh produce that had traveled all of 10yards! It can often introduce clients to new tastes and for them to try things they maybe would have refused to eat before. Our courgettes, peas, beans, tomatoes, strawberries are all growing very healthily and we cannot wait to sample them too. Being in our little garden brings so much pleasure to many clients and the staff too and brings a sense of real achievement. We are all learning lots through it all and benefiting from all the goodies to come! As we found today at lunch with a little care and attention a small seed can produce quite a sizeable crop and inspire us all to grow more.