Getting the right balance in our lives between work and leisure can be a problem today. Often work seems to take over our lives and we have to fight to get quality time for ourselves.When working with clients who have an addiction often it is crucial to their steps towards recovery that their time is actively filled with good things to do. As a staff we are always on the look-out for activities that will do just this and also will give our clients a sense of well-being and achievement. Wendy is incredible good at finding new ideas for activities for our clients to try. On Friday one of our female clients spent the whole day making the most beautiful cards, as you can see! While all the activity was going on some really good conversations were taking place too and our client left at the end of the day looking and feeling happy and knowing that the day had been well spent. As I am writing this blog Wendy is out in the garden with another of our clients who loves gardening. The courgettes are really growing and as a plant they are so good to observe as they develop the lovely bright trumpet-like flowers and then amazingly the courgettes appear from these. On Friday we plan to use these in our cooking and introduce to many what they taste like. I guess we all get into patterns in our lives. Some will be good ones but others need looking at and sometimes addressing. As a drop-in centre we are always trying to encourage clients to try something new or take up again activities that interest them, small steps taken in the breaking of patterns that are not so good. We want clients to have a sense of tasting success, however small, so their self-esteem begins to grow and clients see how they are able to spend their time more creatively. As one client takes the step others watch and begin to see for themselves the hope this brings into their lives. Watch this space, as I know as a Centre we will be doing more amazing activities and breaking new ground for our lovely clients.