Today was such a lovely day with our clients. You’ll forgive us if we wax lyrical about it but it was truly special. Admittedly towards the end of the day it got a little more demanding but it was a good day for our centre and clients.We harvested our courgettes! Yes I can hear you say, ‘is that it’! We, as you know, have sown the seed and potted them on and tenderly nursed them. Friday was the day when the client who had done most of the work had the delight of picking them. It was a delight too as we watched the joy, that only gardeners know, as our client experienced that for himself of picking your own grown produce. As you can see his face tells it all.

That was good but it gets even better. I know the excitement is getting to you now! Having never done any cooking of any kind our

client then cooked the courgettes and made a lovely dish of Stuffed Peppers. They were so delicious and to know that this had been such a journey from opening a packet of seeds to eating the results.

All day the client was so pleased and happy with what had been achieved that day. As a staff team too it was a special lovely day. Yes in the light of lots of things it seems small but at Ben’s it was some achievement and we know that in this precious client’s life Friday was a very special day too.