We’re a little late with the blog this time…sorry. We have had lots in the Centre to do and not enough time or staff!Yesterday was very busy as the numbers were up for no apparent reason and we had new clients in too who needed assessing. We always try to spend some positive creative time with our clients over and above all the ‘bread and butter’ issues that come up every day. So in the middle of trying to sort out someone’s benefits, lost post-office card, a health issue, talking to new clients and answering the phone we did just that. Wendy got two of our ladies doing crafts. I encouraged a new client to play the guitar which he did and sang beautifully to us all. We were solving clues to a cross-word and having conversations about all sorts of things. A client had a birthday and we gave him a cake and sang to him and of course the birthday hat had to be worn! It was Bens at its best. Wendy was trying to finish the annual report for our AGM in all of this activity. This was multi-tasking at its best! We wonder why at the end of the day we felt shattered. The clients left feeling brighter and valued and that is what Bens is here for, to make a difference and to give clients space to be and create opportunities for them to grow and develop.