Here we are with part two! The AGM was such a lovely time for clients, staff and volunteers and all the many people that kindly came. The food was exceptional and I mean exceptional! Phill, our client who has consistently been in week by week to cook and learn new techniques, and is our first client who has taken an external certificate in Food hygiene Level 2, was the reason for this. He came in early on Wednesday and cooked unaided, two enormous Pavlovas which were so delicious. He also made a trifle to die for and two lemon meringue pies which had you drooling. On top of this Phill made fudge and cinder toffee which we bagged up to sell, and we sold out. It was so amazing to see the heights that Phill had achieved. It was good to see and hear all the comments afterwards which were so encouraging and well deserved for Phill too from all visitors sampling his food.We gave out lots of awards as so many of our clients have made so much progress. It was very moving to see them accept their certificates and prizes. Often they have never ever received a certificate of prize before in their lives so this was extra special. Through the year we have done many craft activities with clients and we sold a lot of beautiful cards and boxes that they had created. On each item sold was the first name of the person who had made it, and the joy and self esteem this brought to our clients to see people willing to buy what they had made was very rewarding. There was a sense of community and belonging and the clients so benefited from feeling that they were valued, and that there were people who were willing to invest in their lives and share this occasion with them. This AGM will be a tough act to follow. Today clients are coming in, all talking about the lovely time they had. All very grateful for the whole event and that is all we need to hear!