Everyone you speak to lately seems to be talking about the weather! People are finding the constant wet weather very depressing and those who are have been flooded in the past in Sheffield are naturally anxious. Apparently more is on the way!I cannot begin to imagine how dreadful it must be to have your house flooded. Watching the scenes on the news and listening to people speak about it is very sad and moving. Our clients aren’t exempt from finding this weather depressing and the ones who are rough sleeping are finding it particularly hard. Apart from having to wear wet clothing for long periods it just seems to wear clients down. There is no relief from it at the moment and finding dry areas to sleep in and sit are rare. Coming into the centre is often all the relief our clients can get. Practically we can dry clothes and serve hot food as well as allowing clients to sleep in peace and warmth, but at 2.30p.m. clients are back out on the street again to face whatever the weather is like and somehow survive until we open in the morning. They do at least leave our Centre dry and looking and feeling much brighter. On reflection we haven’t done a lot but it is part of the routine stuff that Bens is so good at and to which our clients appreciate.