Having written our previous blog on what was the most boring subject of all times…the weather, we will try and be a bit more interesting this week, although the weather obviously plays a big part in our client’s lives! But enough said on the subject.We are always trying to engage our clients in activities that they will enjoy and also that they will learn from too. With some clients at Ben’s Centre this is easier to do than others. We have one particular client who has resisted getting involved in anything that is offered except playing pool. Clients derive great enjoyment from playing pool but it is like being in a pub without the drink! Well we had a breakthrough this week. On the grand scale of breakthroughs it was small but having tried more times than we can remember, any breakthrough is amazing. Teresa, our cook, comes onto the floor on Mondays, to allow her to get to know the clients more. We have a lovely replacement in the kitchen that day, Jane. Well Teresa suggested various things for this client to try and he actually said he would like to do a word-search! So Teresa suggested they went onto the computer (another life-skill being used) and look for some that you were able to print off. They found some and the client spent all morning quietly beevering away and completed quite a few. As I was in reception the client commented to me that he could not believe where the time had gone.  I said that was a very positive point to getting involved with an activity. Hopefully when he comes in to day we can build on Teresa’s success and perhaps try something else. It was a small step forward but that is all it takes often. As I write this delicious smells are coming out of the kitchen as our client, who regularly cooks, is cooking meatballs in tomato sauce for our lunch. The journey with this particular client started with a small step too. So watch this space.