We have a smoothie maker and it is greatly used each day and many times in the day too. We always have at least four bowls of fresh fruit where clients can choose what they would like in their smoothie. They use yoghurt to thicken them. Often we introduce them to fruit that they have not tried before and comments like ‘I wont have any of that hairy cucumber thing’, are common. It was a kiwi fruit! I’ll have that fruit that smells like my socks….passion fruit! The comments we received when we introduced them to the Physillis fruit are probably best not printed. It is a learning experience for them and when you see them using the fruit they seemed so vehemently apposed to when you introduced it, it is really encouraging.The machine is rather noisy and we are now on our third machine. Not because of mis-use or a bad machine but purely because of the times it is used. It is really funny but you can always tell who is using the machine even though the noise is exactly the same. One client who uses it regularly uses it as though he is driving in the highest gear possible at the highest speed possible! It is just how he is in life. Another will do short bursts interspersed with some expletive as he forgets to switch the little pourer off and it goes everywhere. The clients enjoy making and drinking the smoothies and it is an excellent way of getting them to eat their 5 a day. Our smoothies are so full of flavour and are equal to any of the more expensive ones on the market. It has been one of our better buys in Ben’s Centre and if we could only fit a silencer on it, it would be perfect!