We are always looking for new ideas or ways we can engage more with our clients here at Ben’s Centre. In October we are planning to take a group to visit Chatsworth House, due to some funding that we have been able to secure. Hopefully the weather will be dry and the sun will shine to show off Chatsworth in all its Autumnal glory. We plan to take a picnic!It isn’t easy finding places that we can visit that will not place too much strain and stress on our clients….and the staff! There will be lots of space and places where we can enjoy ourselves and we thought we may look around the farmyard too. Wendy, full of enthusiasm put up posters and pictures inviting clients to put their names down if they were interested. I would love to say that the response we got was initially good but mainly it was “isn’t it going to be freezing” or “a trip where?” So far two names are down but we are confident that there will be more. It is at the latter end of the month. Just getting into a mini-bus and leaving Sheffield behind for the day, driving out into Derbyshire and all the lovely countryside, will be a change and a break for our clients. In their lives they have very little that they can look forward to and once they adjust to something outside their ‘normal’ day we know it will be enjoyed. So this is another first for Ben’s Centre. I know it will be a success and I know too that we have more than two clients coming.