Ben’s Centre is back open for business! The clients seemed pleased that normal service had been resumed.It has been very busy and today the place is buzzing with lovely activity. We are printing off some of the amazing photographs that were taken on our trip to Chatsworth. After our trip we gave the clients who came with us a feedback form to fill in to ask their opinions about the day. We thought you would like to read some of them to give you a further flavour of the day. When we asked ‘what did you enjoy the most’ the replies were; ‘The animals and taking photos and looking at the nice scenery’. ‘Enjoyed the ride up to the woods and the walking. Looking at the lake and the waterfall. Liked where Mary Queen of Scots was in prison and seeing the stag. I enjoyed reading all the information and the maps’. ‘Being out in the open air with nature’. Our next question was what didn’t you enjoy? ‘Not really into animals but it was ok. ‘Going home’. ‘The weather, I got cold’. Our next question was about any comments we could tell the funder or write in our blog. ‘I really enjoyed the trip. We should try and get to other nice places and it was really nice being out with the staff and clients.’ ‘Being at Chatsworth was an experience not to be missed; experiencing life outside the city and realizing that not everything in life is doom and gloom’. ‘Loved it, a very different experience to my boring days usually. First time I’ve seen green fields since I was in prison’. Answers to any ideas how we could improve the trip were; ‘No it was great’. ‘You can’t do anything more as you did everything for us to enjoy the trip’... ‘No’! Then our final question was about any ideas for other trips if we can secure funding. ‘A trip to the coast would be nice’. ‘A day at the coast would be nice when it’s warm’. ‘Would like to go to the Zoo or Alton Towers’. So all in all you can see it was a very special day and one that will remain with us for a long time to come. We were so appreciative of the funding that made the day possible and we are now looking at other trips we can do.