It’s our big day on Saturday. We are holding our first Christmas Sale here at Ben’s Centre from 1.30pm until 4.00pm. Ben’s Centre has been a hive of activity for a while now with delicious smells coming from the kitchen and beautiful cards, decorations and gifts being made.The clients have begun to really catch what we are doing and they are working very enthusiastically. At times you feel there is quite a competitive edge too going on as clients proudly show what they are doing. We would invite anyone who would like to come, to come, and not only purchase some amazing things but too look around Ben’s Centre as well. The clients are going to be here too and it will be so good for them to see that people are interested in the Centre but also in what they have made. Many of the things we have produced have been made by clients that have never made anything before, or wanted too either. It has been so good to see many clients engaging and getting a sense of satisfaction and achievement as they produce something really creative. making-christmas-decorations-08-005-blog Christmas, for most of our clients, is not a happy or good time. It tends to bring up a load of memories, guilt and pain they would rather forget but at least by constructively creating things Ben’s can sell they feel a part of something they can cope with and even enjoy. So please we do hope we see you on Saturday. It will be an afternoon we know that will be well worth the visit.