We thought you may be interested in what our client’s comments were about our trip to Castleton. We asked our clients 5 questions. Our funder appreciates the feed-back and also it’s quite encouraging for us at as a team here at Ben’s Centre to hear too.The replies to our first question of ‘What did you most enjoy’ were;

‘The walk was very nice. I also enjoyed looking at fossils and just being out in the countryside’. ‘Just getting out’. ‘Being with other service users and members of staff. The scenery was beautiful. It was a much needed and enjoyable day’. Watching the sun set on the mountains at the end of Winnat’s Pass’. ‘The whole experience. Just to go to the countryside for the fresh air. It was a day out of my chaotic life-style to a heavenly experience! Staff were the best. Love to go out more, it really made a difference, thank you. I was not disappointed in scenery, it was very relaxing and wonderful. Just to feel free and good. Loved every minute! Love to go out more.’ ‘The scenery and the quietness’. ‘The mountains, the rabbits and just the scenery’. ‘I enjoyed the whole day it was brilliant’. ‘The scenery was magnificent. The company was great. Staff brilliant. Looking forward to next outing. B****** great! Thank you very much for everything and all of it. The meal was outrageously wicked. It was an unique day.’

In reply to the question,’ do you have any comments about the trip that we can tell funder or write about on our blog (with their permission)? ‘Just thank you for giving us the chance to mingle in the countryside’. ‘Wonderful trip, keep them coming’. ‘Would like to say big thank you to the staff and the funder. Once again thank you.’ ‘It really took me out of my situation and gave me a feeling of well-being. It was excellent.’ ‘Everything was a perfect day out-very spectacular! Something I will never forget. A very special day. Thanks for everyone involved in it’. ‘It was great’. ‘I really enjoyed my trip’. ‘Brilliant day out. I really enjoyed it.’ ‘Ben’s trip made me feel alive and part of a real world and normal. An unique day’. ‘I enjoyed going with the group and spending time with people’. ‘I enjoyed looking around and doing things and enjoyed the walk.’ ‘Yes it was a good day out and the meal was lovely’. So these comments are very real and show what the day meant to our clients. They are still talking about it and keep looking at the photographs and having them printed and laminated for them to keep. We close on Tuesday night for the Christmas holidays. HARC (homeless and rootless at Christmas) will open to bridge the gap until we return on Monday 5th January. We would like to wish you all A Joyous and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.