Our pool table needs re-felting. Wendy has researched on ‘Google’ what this would entail and finds that it can be done for a modest price. So this morning Wendy has thrown down the gauntlet to the clients to come up with ways they can raise the money. So far we have had suggestions of a sponsored walk or swim. We feel that as the clients do love to play pool the responsibility to refurbish it should be theirs. So we will keep you informed of our progress and if anyone reading this has any ideas we would love to hear from you.You may be pleased to hear that Wendy has been successful on e-bay with a couple of bids for tapestries. So very soon the clients will be able to start these and I know before long there will be great interest and great demand for these. As I mentioned before looking for new and interesting life-skills is an on-going job and again perhaps we ask you reading for any ideas. Today in the Centre we are attempting to finish the big crossword in the Daily Express. The prize is £1,000! We try every week to complete this and our knowledge is expanding every week. I also may add that there is a bit of a competitive spirit arising between Wendy and Sue. So far we have only managed to complete this once and it was only when Sue took it home and her husband finished it! Its great fun and an excellent way of engaging with clients. Even researching the answers and I know the purists amongst you may think this is cheating, but it is an excellent way of getting clients to use the internet and other books to find the answers. It’s amazing the knowledge that we can pool in the Centre between clients and staff and volunteers.