Our blog is late this week and for that we apologise. We have had members of staff off with some virulent bug and things like the blog have had to be on hold. The clients were amazing on Tuesday when we were very short-staffed. At the end of the day clients set too and cleaned the main room and cleaned it very well indeed. At one point two clients were fighting over the Hoover! It was very touching and for us a life-line as it meant we were able to keep the Centre open.On Monday we took a group of nine clients to see ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. We went to the afternoon session and it was a very enjoyable time. Apart from the film being excellent it was good to take clients to a film everyone seems to be talking about. It is winning lots of awards and our clients felt they were part of life that sometimes seems is out there for everyone but them. Without giving the game a way for those who haven’t seen it and you must, it is very fast moving and has a happy ending too. Clients were very appreciative and were talking about other films they now want to see.