The decisions one has to make as a Project Manager. Our clients can have toast first thing when they come into the project, they are offered jam and marmite and marmite is by far their favourite. The problem is that a jar of marmite costing on average £2.75 has just lasted us 2 days. I’ve worked out that over 50 weeks of the year this means I’m looking at marmite expenditure of £275. We are incredibly economical at Ben’s; we offer good nutritious food but we endeavour to be good stewards of the money we are given via grants and donations. Our total food expenditure for 2008 was around £5000, this provided over 2262 meals for clients, 451 smoothies and we don’t count the slices of toast or the gallons of tea and coffee beverages consumed. Of all the things clients enjoy to eat surely marmite, as Paul my volunteer just pointed out, is good for them. But is it? It’s very salty and drinkers notoriously have excess salt on any meal they eat. It is difficult to monitor just how much marmite is being used per slice of toast. The thing is £275 is a lot of marmite and how do I fund this. As any charity in today’s financial climate is finding out, funds are just not an endless pot at the end of the rainbow. Here’s my dilemma… something may have to go and the marmite mountain we are consuming each year may need to be reduced. Equally I may have to confess, reader, I feel there could be a conflict of interest here… I hate marmite! Is this swaying my judgement about the importance of marmite in the lives of clients versus the costs. (I’m a professional, of course not…)

The simple solution would be … to find a generous donor who would fund £275 a year to keep our clients in marmite!