Buying things on-line is something which most people have tried at some point. You sit in the warmth of your home or office and browse the web and choose what you want to purchase and hey presto in a few days your purchase arrives. You have had to spend the minimum of time and effort….supposedly!We need to purchase another computer. We have funding specifically for this and it needed to be done fairly urgently. This morning Wendy came in to work early and started to look for a computer that would meet our needs in the Centre. Three hours later Wendy emerged having still not been able to purchase one on-line. The site she was on would not tell you whether the one you wanted was in stock until you had gone through the whole procedure. All the ones she had tried to buy were not in stock. Eventually and amazingly one was in stock on a different site that looked good. So the whole procedure was started again and this time it seemed as if we were getting somewhere. Not quite as easy as it seems…… Now began a lengthy credit check! They said they would get back to us within 48hrs which some how defeated the purpose of buying on-line. Being a charity things like bank cards and credit cards are not available to us and so Wendy has to use hers and then get reimbursed. At long last they eventually did get back with the ok and by this time it was going on for 6 o’clock and Wendy then had to have a mad dash to the Post Office to catch the post for the receipt to be in for the time allocated by the funder. As I have been off for a while there has not been much time to do this before. All in all a lot of time was wasted and in the middle of all this the Centre was open and functioning with all its needs and demands. Most clients never quite catch on to the fact that you may have other things to see to besides them! The computer arrives next week….let us hope it was worth the time and effort in getting it.