One of our end of financial year purchases has been a Wii. It has been an amazing success and we have had great fun going virtual bowling and boxing. We have a lot more games we can play, but as yet not tried. It also is quite strenuous to play for any length of time so it has been excellent exercise for our clients. It has introduced clients to playing a game they have never played before and just given an opportunity to leave their own hard realities behind and enter a virtual world which is fun. There is a lot of laughter heard in the Centre when the game is being played. Laughter changes the whole atmosphere of the Centre and also lifts the spirits of the clients and staff playing. There has been some healthy rivalry going on too… mostly in the staff!! teresa-leaving-day-and-bowling-march-09-007-blog It is Teresa’s, our cook, last day with us today. On the strength of playing the Wii and also wanting to say a goodbye to Teresa she would remember and the clients too, we are going bowling this afternoon in the flesh so to speak! Teresa has been with us for over a year now and is leaving to spend more time with her family. We shall miss her and especially her fish pie. Clients find it difficult to say goodbye. They have had to leave so many people behind in their lives, some intentional and others not so. It is good to be able to show them that people leaving is a part of life and it is not a rejection of them. When handled properly, although often sad, positive things can be gained from the experience and it need not be the messy ending so many of our clients have personally experienced. We know Teresa will keep in touch and she will take something valuable away with her and we too here at Ben’s Centre will remember Teresa with affection and gratitude for all she has given to us…..not least that fish pie! teresa-leaving-day-and-bowling-march-09-014-blog