We can often forget how very low our client’s esteem can be. Often client’s reluctance to try anything new or even just do something different is often because they have had so many knock-backs when they have tried in the past. That casual throw away remark that sticks and can cause many problems later in life. We all can remember a time when that has happened to us. Life often lived on the streets, and struggling with a strong addiction, can take all clients’ energy and sap any motivation.It is always a challenge at Ben’s Centre to get clients to engage. Clients often don’t understand why we are so keen to encourage them to try different activities. Staff often say that we wish we could have before and after photographs of our clients when they take part in an activity. Afterwards they are like a completely different person to the one who began the activity. We all love to hear people praise something we have done and when we are around people who encourage us it really lifts our mood and our whole well-being. On Friday Wendy was in the kitchen and made Double Choc Muffins with a client.muffins-and-francis-409-003-blog As other clients and staff and volunteers tried the Muffins, and so enjoyed them and kept thanking the client for making them, the client who made them just seemed to grow in stature and confidence. It was a very small step in lots of ways making the Muffins but the effects were immeasurable to our client. It has a ripple effect to other clients as if we suggest cooking or trying new activities they want to be a part too and receive encouragement and praise.