I suspect that most of us this weekend are thoroughly fed-up with hearing about MP’s expenses and that they are working within the ‘guidelines’ they have been given.
It would seem that they are obviously quite loose guidelines!
This has caused me to think about following instructions and how some people really love to follow directions and thrive on very clear boundaries; whilst others love the freedom of being ‘free spirits’ and find following rules and regulations more difficult.
Our clients, because of their life-styles, mainly fall into the latter category. As I have mentioned numerous times at Ben’s Centre we run a tight ship with boundaries clearly in place, which is necessary for the safe running of the Centre.
A very simple yet very effective way of getting Clients to follow instructions is by reading and following a recipe. We are great fans at Bens of Mary Berry’s cookbook. On Friday a client made a delicious chocolate cake following one of Mary Berry’s recipes and it was a great success. It was a recipe that was different from a lot of other chocolate cakes we have made iBaking May 2009 005 Blogn the past and needed the client to follow the recipe more closely. It seems on the scale of things such a small detail yet in the making of a successful cake very important, and also a small but important lesson to our lovely client that instructions are there to help you to learn and develop skills. The reward is a cake that I’m sure Mary Berry would have enjoyed.    Client’s and staff had a delicious treat which we so needed on Friday. It was a day that our boundaries had to be constantly re-enforced and also Wendy was aware that deadlines were very close to returning important monitoring forms that day. I wonder what delight we will produce this week courtesy of Mary B!