Last Friday was our staff and volunteer team-building day. We went again to Lose Hall in Castleton. We’ve had a real treat as this year we are having two and this was our first this year.Wendy, our manager, always works so hard before we go to give us a day where we look more closely at the work we do and the team we are privileged to be part of. Our theme this year was shoes! In all kinds of creative ways we looked at shoes. What they said about us, what we assumed about other’s shoes and also most importantly what it is like to walk a while/mile in our client’s shoes.  Shoes team day MAY 09 001 blog It was good to learn more about our volunteers who often don’t see or know each other as they usually volunteer on different days. It is also good to be able to discuss more fully why we do things, as a staff team, often in a certain way at Ben’s Centre. Wendy feels very strongly that we all play vital roles in the Centre and all of us have something unique to give. She also wants to express her gratitude for the dedication of the staff and our volunteers especially who give of their time so readily. The icing on the cake is the wonderful lunch we are given at Lose Hall. It is delicious and again is a special time of relaxation and continuation of our ‘bonding’, or getting to know each other. Our days are good fun and usually get comments from other groups there that they wish they were with us as it looks much more fun than their groups! It was an excellent day. We all came away from the day knowing each other better and learning and understanding more about the lovely men and women we work with. Joy of joys we have another to look forward to in September. The success of the day was due to the hard work and vision of Wendy and we are all very grateful.