We are going on another trip tomorrow to Cleethorpes! It is our longest trip to date and as such has taken quite a lot of planning. On the face of it all looks fairly straight forward. A number of clients with the appropriate number of staff and a mini-bus! Well not quite….!Our clients are chronically dependant on alcohol and as we will not be allowing them either to take drink with them or purchase it while on the trip it is a very difficult thing to have to manage. There is a serious risk of clients fitting quite badly if their drink levels lower beyond a certain level. We also cannot allow clients to come on the trip unless they are sober too. By sober we obviously mean that there will be some alcohol in their system but not enough to cause client’s behaviour to be a risk, or that clients cannot hold conversations and listen to what is being said to them. So it is a very difficult, and to be honest the easiest way would be to just not bother to venture on the trip at all. But we believe that our clients deserve the best and the benefits that clients have reaped from our previous trips have been immeasurable. So with a lot of careful planning and thought we are stepping out in faith! Our money is funded again kindly by Primary Care Trust and we are looking to try to improve the health and well-being of clients. So a big part of our trip will be a nature walk and being by the sea. We will buy supper for the clients too which is always a special treat before we return; they very rarely, if ever, eat out. Hopefully the weather is going to be good and less wet for us. So next week I will write and tell you all about the trip with photographs for you all to see. It is a big venture for us but as ever we remain optimistic while keeping our feet firmly on the ground.