Well we survived the trip to Cleethorpes and not only survived but thoroughly enjoyed every part of our trip. Seven clients came with us and a number of staff and volunteers. Although the weather was very grey and wet it didn’t seem to damper any bodies’ enthusiasm. By the time we arrived the weather was ok and infact it turned out to be perfect weather for our clients. If it had been hot with the sun out they would have become very dehydrated quickly. Also the beach, which has won a blue flag award for cleanliness, was almost deserted.We started to follow the nature trail walk and although not too enthusiastic to begin with our clients soon began to enjoy themselves. We had realised that most of our client’s perception of a trip to the sea was probably like a ‘working mans club’ idea of a visit. It would include a lot of drinking and going in to the arcades and losing a lot of money! So it was, for most a completely new way of looking at the sea-side! Most of our clients have forgotten how to have any fun that doesn’t include a drink. Wendy is a great believer that clients can learn again how to have fun. Not long into our walk Wendy produced a large bubble making ‘thing’! Every one of the clients had a go and had such fun, as you will see from the photographs.  Trip to Cleethorpes July 09 030 Blog On the walk we crossed the Greenwich Meridian line and we all stopped and talked about what this was and the significance of it. Clients were all interested and again a lovely photograph opportunity for us all! We went onto the beach and had some fun playing tennis with bats that on one side had a Velcro side to catch the ball. Others played boulle or threw a Frisbee but all were occupied and lots of laughter. Just looking at all the different shells was lovely and a few were collected to bring back. By this time we started to head back to the pier and part of the journey back was taken on a miniature steam railway. We were all feeling very hungry with all the sea air and we went and had a delicious meal of ‘fish and chips’. You could not go to the sea-side and not eat these.Trip to Cleethorpes July 09 053 Blog A very tired but contented group came back in the mini-bus. Clients were very grateful for their day out and for the staff and volunteers it was a lovely successful trip too. Again we are so grateful for the funding that allowed us to go.