Apparently it takes 10 positive words to undo 1 negative word that is spoken to you. Our clients are often very negative. You find that the nick-names they call each other are often so damming and they walk around with these dreadful names. You can understand that their lives are hard and it does take energy and some thought to look at situations and start to try to be more positive.The staff have been aware of this and wanted to address in some way clients looking at themselves in a more positive light, high-lighting positive attributes of their personalities. So in the light of this we decided to make some bangles for client’s to wear. Wendy brought in lots of little boxes of beads in all different colours. There was also boxes with letters in and the staff thought of a positive word to put onto the bangles when the client had chosen their colours. We thought when they were feeling low and not thinking too highly of themselves they could glance down at the positive word on their wrist and start to believe that there was hope. Just one small word is often all any of us need to set us on a journey of starting to believe in ourselves again and to begin to counteract the sadness and rubbish we all pick up. Most clients have received them favourably. One or two have found it difficult to receive what we have written, mainly because they cannot believe it of  themselves but hopefully as they continue to wear them it will slowly sink in and change some of the negativity spoken to them and around them.