We are sorry that the blog is later this week. This is because on Tuesday, when we usually post the blog, we took some clients on ‘The Wheel of Sheffield’. We were kindly given a donation especially for this purpose.Sheffield Wheel client photo Unfortunately our numbers were lower than we would have liked due to some clients coming in who were too intoxicated to go! We do intend making another trip around Christmas time when it’s darker in the evening to be able to see all the lights. But with two eager clients we went. The benefits these two clients had from the trip were great. The photographs that you see were taken by one of the clients who had never taken any photographs with a digital camera before. On our return the client was shown how to download them from the computer and print them. Again all skills he had not used before. We have a display in reception now of the photographs taken and not only are these a daily reminder to the client of what he had achieved, but something good to look at and talk about too with staff and clients. It is invaluable to our clients that we were able to take them on something that is a real buzz in Sheffield at the moment. A simple way to include clients instead of the usual exclusion they usually experience. Sheffield Wheel view to west of cityThe Wheel is a great experience. The views are truly spectacular and it is good fun to pick out certain landmarks and see from height lots you would have never noticed before.  We had excellent weather and visibility to do this on Tuesday. As I said earlier the benefits of this small excursion are far more out-reaching than we ever appreciate when the staff plans trips with clients. It is another small step in these two client’s lives.Sheffield Wheel and Town hall