Regular readers of this blog will know that from time to time it can be very hard work at Ben’s Centre. We accept that the clients we are working with, this goes with the job. It has been a hard week in lots of ways and it does seem like a slog at times; we also have to remind ourselves that our slog is nothing compared to what most of our clients face every day of their lives.In the middle of all this, and total mayhem, a former client appeared at the door this week who has left the City for more secure accommodation. This client was a regular at Bens in the past, and was to say the least, a character. The staff all loved her and missed her when she left. Occasionally she makes an appearance at our door, but we had not seen her for quite a while. It was her birthday and in the middle of everything that was going on a cake was produced and our ‘silly’ birthday hat. Everyone was able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and her face was just radiant. It made her day and it brightened everyone else in the Centre too and reminded us of why we are here. It seems like a small detail to mention but it is highly significant in client’s lives. Often no one will remember and the day often goes by as numerous others do. We do try as a team here to remember birthdays, knowing that sometimes this can be a painful reminder of days past; but we see them as a day that we can show clients that we do care and we want them to be the centre of good attention for that day. Can I just mention here that the blog may be late next week as we are taking a statuary day following Bank Holiday.