Walking into work this morning I realised that we had got to this time of year again when the leaves are changing colour and some dropping and there is a definite nip in the air. Is this the season they call full of mellow fruitfulness?Anyway it’s the time for our Annual General meeting this coming Wednesday, 16th at 4.00pm. We would love to welcome any of you who would be interested in coming to look round the Centre and see some of the work we have done with our clients, our own mellow fruitfulness. There is also some delicious food, some made by our clients, which is always an added bonus to all that come.

Annual General Meeting


Service User Awards Ceremony

Wednesday 16th September at 4pm

At Ben’s Centre

2 Orange Street

Sheffield, S1 4DW

It is a time when we look back at the last year and recollect many of the good things Ben’s Centre has achieved with our clients. It is also a time when the clients receive recognition for these achievements. This is always a high point of the meeting, and usually very moving too. Often clients have never received anything that merited their success in any field and these awards mean so much to them. It is a very joyous time and gives another sense of belonging and stability to client’s often living very chaotic lives. So please if you are able, do come and join with us for what we can promise is a memorable afternoon. It is such an encouragement to our clients but also to the staff and volunteers and will be to you too!