We have an extra blog this week as we thought you may be interested to hear about our AGM, and also Ben’s Centre is going to be closed next week and re-open on September 28th.Our AGM went really well and was well attended. A group of our clients attended too which was good. Wendy always tries to give a resume of the past year and this year she spoke about fruit. Fruit is always a sign of growth in the plant world Gifts were given out to our faithful volunteers and staff and they were these amazing ‘Winter Flowering Cherry’ plants, to tie in with the ‘fruit’ theme. This year has been a hard one in many ways and a lot of our clients have been dealing with many issues in their lives. Often seeing the fruit or the progress in their lives is not always obvious, but in many clients’ lives, there are small steps taken and ‘fruit’ beginning to grow.

fruitAGMOur presentations to the clients, awarding certificates and a gift, were an acknowledgement of this fruit. It was as every year very moving and a privilege to be part of. All in all with the ‘yummy’ food on offer it was a good AGM and reminded us all of the multi-faceted achievements of Ben's. The feedback from the clients has been so positive and was obviously very important to them too showing their achievements and the value of their lives to us and many more.