Our window is finished. As you can see it looks really beautiful and has been such a successful activity for all the clients, staff and volunteers. It has surpassed any of our expectations. It is always an unknown quantity when a new activity is introduced and often it can be quite a slog to encourage clients to get involved. our window.09 011 This activity has from day one just taken off, and it has caused a lot of discussion and also been greatly admired. Clients realised very quickly that there was no right way of doing one of the small acetate panes. So, therefore there was no chance of failure. Not that we ever set any activity up with  a chance of failure but often it is how the task is perceived by our clients that inhibits them.

Wendy has found out, with years of experience that you lead by sitting down yourself and starting the activity. Before long clients will be ‘nosey’ and ask what you are doing and then it’s not long before they want to try it for themselves.

Clients loved working with the tissue paper. The colours were spectacular and even the choosing of these caused such good discussions, often stories were told that we hadn’t heard before. Sometimes when a pane was completed a client would be quite critical of their work, but once put up on the window, with the light streaming through, they saw that they had created something beautiful.our window.09 012

As no two panes were alike it was good to see that all the panes together made a beautiful window. No colours clashed but seemed to enhance the effect. It led to talking about us all being different and yet being able to be part of a bigger and more lovely picture.

Our next project is beginning and you will hear about it shortly.

If any of you would care to take a small detour off West Street, on Orange Street, and look at the fourth window down you will see the window. We would love to hear your comments.