It is the time for Harvest and we are receiving some very useful and timely gifts for our Centre. I have said this many times before but it is such an encouragement to the staff and the clients to receive these gifts.Abundance comes faithfully every week with their fruit they have picked. Abundance is a non-profit making organisation that harvests a glut of local fruit. They re-distribute the surplice to organisations like us. We have put their apples and pears to good use. On Friday the Centre had a delicious Apple Crumble and the rest of the fruit was cooked and put in our freezer for later use. When these young men arrive on their bicycles pulling their trailers it is not only an amazing sight and such a tribute to these people who faithfully pick and distribute the fruit but it a gift that allows our Centre food and provision we would not probably have.

Waitrose the supermarket off Ecclesall Road, last month made us one of their three monthly charities. Customers when they are paying for their food are given a plastic disc and then can place it in one of the charities of their choice. We were against two other charities. The neuro-care charity won, and you can understand as they do sterling work, but Bens will receive a cheque which again will be put to very good use. It was amazing again to be considered and many people will now know of our existence who didn’t before.

Victoria Hall, the Methodist chapel, has kindly asked for Marmite and Marmalade for their Harvest gifts to be given to us. We have received many many jars, and these are being used for the breakfasts we provide. It is such an encouragement to see our pantry full of these kind gifts. Many of the people who donated these gifts came to the Centre themselves, often with very heavy bags, which showed real care and interest in us.

In the pipe-line at the moment is another gift from St Thomas' Church Philadelphia Campus. They had their Harvest gift day and we were the only recipients which again is wonderful. It comes at a time when we are struggling to find finance to keep the Centre running and so this too will be so gratefully used. All these groups have generously given their time and resources and have shown a love and interest in Ben’s Centre which as I said has so encouraged us and practically helped us enormously. A big thank you to you all.