Wendy faithfully shops for the Centre every Monday morning at Morrison’s supermarket. As I have mentioned before she is an excellent shopper and has an eager eye for any bargain. It is amazing how small our food bill is every week, especially considering the quality of the meals we eat and also the quantity we use. It is wonderful to listen when our food is served as you will hear virtually nothing. A hush comes over the place and you know that is because the food is so good. Our clients are very grateful on the whole and it is very satisfying to hear all the thanks and praise to the person in the kitchen that day.

Wendy came in today very excited as Morrison are saying that if you spend £40 per week for the next 5 weeks between now and Christmas they will give you £25 off your Christmas shop. This will pay for our Christmas dinner, so this is amazing for us.

Every Christmas we give our clients a splendid dinner. It really is a lovely delicious meal. Often this time is a sad one for clients and many other people too, bringing back painful and difficult memories of Christmas’s past. But we endeavour to make it as joyful and as light as possible. We stay open until H.A.R.C. (Homeless and Rootless at Christmas), open their doors to provide food and shelter during the Christmas period.

So that is our Christmas dinner sorted and I don’t need to remind anyone how quickly it is approaching!