Christmas seems to be coming upon us very quickly indeed. All the shops are full of decorations and ‘tempting’ gift ideas, and November has still got two more weeks left! We do like to make Christmas special for our clients but as I have mentioned before, it is a very difficult time for many of them and it is equally as difficult to pitch it right in what we plan.

The staff have been talking a lot about what we could do that would bring enjoyment and making the clients feel valued and not forgotten, without just adding more to their sadness and loss that this time evokes.

It is a delicate balance and we want to get it right. We appreciate that we will not be able to do this for every client. We want them to have a sense of belonging and family.

So this year we are probably going to do something very different.

As yet we cannot reveal what this will be but when we have finalised everything we will let you know. We feel excited and sense already that the plans we are making will be good ones.

Before that though is our Open Day this Saturday, 12.30pm to 3.00pm. We do hope you will come and join us. All the details are in our previous blog if you missed it. It promises to be a good day…and hopefully it will not rain!