We would like to wish you all a ‘Happy New Year’ and trust you all had a peaceful and restful Christmas. It’s very difficult not to open our first blog of 2010 without mentioning the weather…but that will be our only reference to it!

We re-opened yesterday and it was business as usual. Holidays seem to move a lot of the familiar places that provide stability and safety and clients are pleased to get back to ‘normal’. Unfortunately in Bens we don’t do normal…but it takes a while for clients to figure that one out!

 Surprisingly we saw some old faces too yesterday who came to say hello and just wanted affirmation that we were still here and they could access us if they needed too. It is good to know that clients do move on. Sometimes they may need to use the Centre again and we will be pleased to welcome them back. We probably will have to look at different ways we can help and other ways of engaging, and also a reminder of our boundaries, but it is another vital good step in their journey.

 Here at Ben’s we will continue to work hard at making this year a good one and look forward to all the challengers we will encounter, and hey what is a bit of snow!!(sorry).