I am so sorry that we didn’t up date our blog last week. Things have been a little mad here at Ben’s and with no spare capacity within our staff team it has been very difficult to get everything done with one of our staff team (Sue) off sick. However we have battled on and we have continued to work with our clients our number one objective keeping the centre open and running safely. We must give a big thanks to our volunteers especially Edwin and Hilary who have taken on extra shifts and gone beyond the call of duty, and to the rest of our staff team who are all tired from the additional pressures but remain buoyant in their commitment to Ben’s Centre.

We have had some bright moments, the lack of snow being one of them. We have a new part time worker Kay, who used to be a volunteer she has been appointed 2 days a week for 6 months to promote health issues in Ben’s. Kay has been a real star her induction has been somewhat unorthodox with the current pressures but that’s not stopped her.

Kay has already introduced some health activities including fruit tasting which was fun, Kay prepared Lychees, Passion fruit, Physalis, Persimmon fruit (Sharon Fruit), and Kiwi fruit to name a few and she got different clients to taste them and discuss the health benefits of the fruit it has been a very successful activity and had a great response. Although Kay did have to disappoint someone who misheard her and thought that a Lychees was a type of cheese.

The picture was taken from another activity with Kay and clients planting spring flowers we were privileged to observe some very special moments as each person worked one to one with Kay.

I must finish here its lunch time and some rosy faces have just appeared as by magic at the door, the smells of sausages cooking floating in from the kitchen (its toad in the hole for lunch) confirm the time and may well have drawn them in.